Panama Hospice and Respite (PHRF) is part of a community and we are dedicated to connecting people for the benefits of everyone in that community experiencing a terminal illness or a short term crisis.


Our volunteers are the key to our success.


If you wish to become a volunteer please complete the Volunteer Application here. Due to the confidential and intimate nature of hospice all volunteer applicants must be screened.


All our volunteers are required to participate in a general orientation to learn about hospice. Those applicants who wish to work directly with clients/patients are required to take a more in-depth training (see our schedule below for time and location). This training focuses on pertinent health care issues and procedures, communication and family dynamics. Taking the training also allows the applicant to decide if this is work that he or she would enjoy.


If you have questions about volunteering with PHRF please contact our training coordinator, Dorothy Payne here.



Schedule of Volunteer Training Classes


All volunteers are welcome to apply but our current need is for volunteers who are interested in having direct patient contact.


Date Time Location

To be announced



For additional information, a list of reading materials and links to informational websites please refer to our Resources page.