How does hospice in Panama differ from hospice in the United States, Canada and Europe?
Although palliative and hospice care in the medical institutions of Panama is now mandated as a standard of practice, the concept within the community at large is still not well developed. Traditionally, in the Panamanian culture, home based hospice care has been provided by the extended family and at this time few services exist outside the hospital setting. The only other community hospice services in English is in Boquete, in the province of Chiriqui. In Canada , the United States and Europe there may be a free standing home or a special unit in a hospital where clients/patients are cared for until death.
Does Medicare pay for hospice in Panama?
No, currently there is no Medicare coverage for hospice services in Panama. If you have private insurance, you should check your policy to see if some aspects of care, such as in home nursing care, medication and medical equipment are covered.
Do I pay for the services offered by Panama Hospice and Respite?
The services provided by our volunteers are free. However you must pay for your medical and nursing services, medication and medical equipment. A limited supply of medical equipment is available through our loan cupboard.
Do I need a medical referral to use the services of Panama Hospice and Respite?
Although your doctor may refer you to our services, you or a caregiver may contact us directly to request service. Our volunteer staff will determine if you meet the admission criteria and if so, promptly set up an appointment with one of our team leaders to complete the final assessment.
If I am admitted to hospice service can I still decide what type of medical care I wish to receive here in Panama?
You need to discuss with your Panamanian primary care physician the type of care you do or do not wish to receive. You will need to know that your physician will honor those wishes and what documentation, if any, you will need to ensure these wishes are honored. The role of Panama Hospice and Respite is to offer support with your chosen path so that you have the best quality of life possible in your circumstance.
Is hospice care confidential?
Confidentiality is a core ingredient in the mission of Panama Hospice and Respite. All of our volunteers are trained regarding confidentiality and our policies and procedures reflect the importance we place on this topic.
If I sign up for hospice can I change my mind?
Yes, you may discontinue the hospice service at any time.
Can I choose the services I want hospice to provide?
Yes, you and your caregiver(s) may choose the services that are beneficial to you.
What if there is a hospice volunteer that I do not wish to have in my home?
If you tell the administrator or team leader that there is a specific volunteer you do not want we will honor that request.
How do I obtain hospice service?
You can notify our administrator who will help determine if we have the services that you need. If so, you will be visited by a team leader who will do an admission assessment obtaining the details to best enable us to support you and/or your caregiver(s).