Blood Donor Requirements


What are the “Do’s and Don’ts associated with pre-donation activities and requirements?

Must be a Resident of Panama.


  • Personal identity proving residency (must have photo): identity card, driver's license, Social Security card, cedula, passport.
  • Complete information regarding your current residential address, work location, and occupation.
  • Listing of any medications you are on or have taken within past 24 hrs (list does not need to include regular vitamin intake).

Eat First; but do not eat fatty foods (eggs, milk, fried food, etc) on the day of/prior to donation.

No aspirin intake for 24 hours before donating.

No alcohol on the day of the donation, and no excessive alcohol intake for 12 hours.

Be in good health at the time of donation. Healthy dental condition (no infected cavities).

Women CAN donate during menstrual period.

Women CAN donate if on oral birth control.

Women can donate up to 3 times per year.

Men can donate up to 4 times per year.

Be sure you do not have any blood transmittable disease (hepatitis, AIDS, etc.), and have not exercised risk behaviors associated with AIDS, sexual promiscuity, or drug addiction.

If you have tattoos or any piercings, had unprotected sexual relations with other than your regular partner or acupuncture, consult the doctor with exact dates; this doesn’t mean you won’t be able to donate.

You cannot donate more than once in a three month period.

You cannot donate if pregnant or nursing.

Must be a resident of Panama, and have been present in the country of Panama a minimum of 1 month if having been in the US or Canada (this depends on the physician's evaluation). Please consult the staff medical technologist or doctor for all other countries.