Blood Donor Roster


The Panama Hospice and Respite Foundation is proud to support the Emergency Blood Bank Registry of Panama City.

There is a severe blood shortage in Panama.

The need for blood is great, but less than 5% of healthy adults donate!

As a result of low blood bank inventory various hospitals and ex-pat groups have come together to create and maintain lists of blood donors available to donate blood. As many expats do not have family nearby this is often their only source of blood during an emergency.

Our list is maintained by Karen Barnett who may be reached by email: Karen will be pleased to provide you with additional information and assist you with the sign up process.

General Information

The criteria for donating blood in Panama:

  • Age - You must be between the ages of 18 and 65 although you may be 17 with parental permission. In special circumstances including additional testing and authorized approval from the supervising physician, a healthy person 65 and over may be able to donate.
  • You must be a resident of Panama, and have been present in the country a minimum of 1 month if having been in the US or Canada, 6 months for most other countries.
  • You must bring with you proof of identity in the form of a photo ID : resident card, driving license or passport.

  • Who can or cannot donate blood:
  • * Must weigh at least 110 lbs (50k)

    * Sickle Cell Trait people can donate

    * Women having their menstrual period and/or taking birth control can donate

    * If tattooed, all tattoos must be more than six months old and well healed

    * Nursing, or potentially pregnant women cannot donate

  • No aspirin intake for 24 hours before donating.
  • No alcohol the day of donation. Eat before you donate, but no fatty foods please.
  • Men can give blood every three months, women every four.
  • You must be infection free for the last 10 days. A history of the following infectious disease will also disqualify you: TB, Malaria, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, HIV/AIDS, Chagas Disease and Yellow fever. CMV and Mononucleosis will not disqualify you if the disease is not recent.
  • You must have normal blood pressure. You can be on blood pressure medication as long as your BP is normal when you are screened at donation time. If your BP drops during the collection process you will not be accepted for further donations.

What do I do now?


Send your name, phone number and blood type to if you wish to join the registry. This means you would be available to donate if an emergency arises.


Your blood type can be found on the back of your Panamanian driver’s License. If you do not know your type you can be typed at any lab for a small fee.


To request donors or to ask a question email Karen at the above email address.


Please read the pages shown below for additional information and to fill out a donor's application.


Thank you!


Blood Donor Requirements Blood Donor FAQs Blood Donor Application