Crisis Care


Panamá Hospice and Respite (PHRF) will offer short term care to those in our community requiring assistance after a temporary illness or traumatic event such as surgery.


Our volunteers can assist with:


  • Relief to caregiver to enable them personal time.
  • Non-medical personal care until client/patient can safely do this alone.
  • Grocery shopping, meal preparation, pet care and other light domestic chores.
  • Transport of home care supplies such as walkers, wheelchairs etc.
  • Medical referrals and treatment coordination.
  • Spending time with the client/patient, listening and attending to the needs for comfort.


Admission to Crisis support:


  • Must have temporary illness or disability, usually of not more than two weeks duration. After two weeks the case will be reviewed to see if the time should be extended.
  • Completion of a Health Services Referral Intake Form.
  • If the person requesting services does not meet the criteria, the administrator will inform them why PH&R cannot provide the service and if possible refer them to other available resources.
  • Contingent on availability of resources. Hospice clients/patients get first priority.


For additional information, a list of reading materials and links to informational websites please refer to our Resources page.