Hospice & Respite Care


The primary focus of Panama Hospice and Respite (PHRF) is to offer a support system to the terminally ill, to help them live as actively as possible until death. In addition we support the primary caregiver(s) who are coping with not only the physical part of the care but with their own feelings and grief responses.


For additional information, a list of reading materials and links to informational websites please refer to our Resources page.


Our trained volunteers who complement the professional care team can help in the following ways by:


  • Spending time with the client/patient, attending to the needs for comfort, active listening and company.
  • Relieving the caregiver in small household chores, assisting with shopping, pet care, and meal preparation.
  • Relieving the caregiver so they may go for a walk, get a haircut, keep an apt etc.
  • Delivering and returning of medical equipment from the Equipment Loan Cupboard as well as its maintenance.
  • Providing practical information to caregivers dealing with end of life issues and what to expect when a death occurs in Panama (additional training provided).
  • Assisting with bereavement follow-up (additional training provided).
  • Acting as a team leader (some nursing training required).


Admission to hospice/respite requirements.


  • Client/patient has a primary care provider(s) available 24 hours a day. (If the care provider is a group, there must be a spokesperson who can is willing to communicate with PHRF).
  • Must have physician overseeing the care.
  • Family member or other responsible person agrees to participate in the care plan.
  • Life expectancy is estimated to be three months or less and there is no plan for active treatment.
  • Completion of a Hospice Referral Intake Form. If the person requesting service does not meet the criteria, the administrator will inform the person why PHRF cannot provide the service and if possible will make referral to other resources.


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