Panama Hospice and Respite Foundation is governed by its Bylaws, which you can read here, and a Foundation Council. The current officers of the Council are:


President: Dorothy Payne
Vice-President: Diane Maxwell
Secretary: Rosalyn Guillen
Treasurer: Hortensia Thompson
Legal Advisor: Damaris Ploché
Past President: Joyce Perrin



The functions of the foundation are conducted by a Steering Committee:


Chairperson: Dorothy Payne
Administrator: Rosalyn Guillen
Client/Patient Assessment: Diane Maxwell & Dorothy Payne
Education and Training: Diane Maxwell
Home Care Equip. Loan Cupboard: Barbara Scott
Blood Bank:

Karen Barnett (Panama City)

Cilla Walsh (Coronado)

Grief Advisor: Judy Whaling


Special service volunteers:


Statistical Analysis: Sharene Smoot


To contact any of the above please use our "Contact" page or (507) 6092-2884.