Panama Hospice and Respite Foundation (PHRF) is a non tax oriented Private Interest Foundation which provides services free of charge. We advance our mission of assisting hospice clients and their families as well as those who need help in a health crisis situation.


It is our hope that as a life draws to its end we feel respected and loved and well tended by those who ease our suffering during our final journey.


While we hope to extend services to all members of the community, in our inception phase we must limit services to those in our community who speak English.


We want to help clients who are actively dying and give respite services to their caregivers. As well we give crisis support to those with a temporary health disability or illness. Another focus is to provide critical death and dying information to the community.


We are sustained by the generous donations from our community where we live and those we serve. Donations are accepted as funds and also in kind. Checks are made out to “Panama Hospice and Respite Foundation.“


History of Hospice.


The word "hospice" comes from the Latin "hospitium" meaning guesthouse. It was originally described a place of shelter for weary and sick travelers returning from religious pilgrimages. During the 1960's, Dr. Cicely Saunders began the modern hospice movement by establishing St. Christopher's Hospice near London. St. Christopher's organized a team approach to professional caregiving, and was the first program to use modern pain management techniques to compassionately care for the dying. The first hospice in the United States was established in New Haven, Connecticut in 1974. Now hospice centers are throughout the world.


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We are looking for caring and dedicated people to become volunteers to assist our clients as well as many other activities such as clerical duties, and transportation of equipment. Click here to learn more.


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CORONADO BLOOD DONOR DRIVE – Hold the Date – Dec, 21 2016


Organized by




  • There is a severe blood shortage in Panama.  The need for blood is great and less than 5% of healthy adults donate
  • Give the most priceless gift you can give this Holiday Season that will not cost you one cent – THE GIFT OF LIFE


We NEED your help!  Please make a blood donation


  • Where: Coronado Equestrian Club, Casa 106
  • When: Wednesday December 21, 2016
  • Time: 9am to 1pm
  • Call or WhatsApp to make an appointment - Helen Pierson at 6153-9647 or by e-mail to helenpierson1@gmail.com
  • Travel in the past month should not be a problem
  • No aspirin in the 24 hours prior to donation
  • Please eat before you donate!
  • Juice, coffee and cookies will be made available following donation
  • Most medications and controlled conditions, not a problem
  • The Physician on site will interview each potential Donor to determine eligibility to qualify to donate


If you wish to make an appointment, have any questions about the Blood Drive in Coronado or your eligibility to donate, please contact Helen Pierson at 6153-9647 or on WhatsApp at 6153-9647 or e-mail: elenpierson1@gmail.com